15 Kor 2020
232 455 Shikime

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New Tail lights-
* 3" inch drop springs
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* 2" inch drop shackles -
* flip kit -
* drop shocks -
* Canon 80D -

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    FreddylsxFreddylsx4 muaj më parë
    • Whats the name of the hood that the yellow chevy has ??

      240jz Killer240jz Killer3 muaj më parë
    • I ordered my stuff a few days ago I hope I win bro I need it.

      Tony DeleonTony Deleon3 muaj më parë
    • Let me know if you want to film a storage full of classics. I’m in Conroe tx

      CruzSoCleanCruzSoClean4 muaj më parë
    • What Kind Of Speakers Were They?

      13cesarb113cesarb14 muaj më parë
    • @freddylsx im the guy in the white civic lol i got u 20bucks lol

      Abraham ValenzAbraham Valenz4 muaj më parë
  • I want to win badass truck Freddy

    Alex AlverezAlex Alverez4 ditë më parë
  • What a disgrace on a z71 4wd truck ricers are getting worse what a shame

    Rolando RuizRolando Ruiz4 ditë më parë
  • Gotta love the Texas truck scene!!!

  • Where are you located i need to upgrade mi truck too

    Adolfo MunozAdolfo Munoz8 ditë më parë
  • Ey Freddy recomiéndame un lugar para áserle el tun ami camioneta gmc

    jororiguez78jororiguez7818 ditë më parë
  • Definitely respect all the work. But, if I won that truck I would auction it.

    Thom PlattThom PlattMuaj më parë
  • money to pay more bills paque no sigan chingando

    Jennifer GomezJennifer GomezMuaj më parë
  • So are these the Lamborghini guys cars (Tires R Us w/ JOP) or this paco guys cars?

    Ernesto GarciaErnesto GarciaMuaj më parë
  • G'day from new Zealand. Love that C10

    jason tobinjason tobinMuaj më parë
  • What year is the Kodiak and the z71????

    Oscar HernandezOscar HernandezMuaj më parë
  • Damn ma boy!! that truck is sick.6 wheeler!!

    conrad testamarkconrad testamarkMuaj më parë
  • Traducelo también en español Freddy bendiciones

    Arturo OlivasArturo OlivasMuaj më parë
  • Time didnt show because he jumped....

    Tylan BakardiTylan Bakardi2 muaj më parë
  • What size and brand wheels are on the black silverado truck?

    Jay CJay C2 muaj më parë
  • Damn that truck is beautiful.

    Undistorted TVUndistorted TV2 muaj më parë
  • That single cab is sick. I would love to floor it down the track!

    Chris LeonChris Leon2 muaj më parë
    • Purple truck*

      Chris LeonChris Leon2 muaj më parë
  • +0ll

    el chapito mas chingon Rodriguezel chapito mas chingon Rodriguez2 muaj më parë
  • Who gives af If it’s 4 wheel drive 2 wheel is better

    okok2 muaj më parë
  • Ese Freddy se rrie whenever he ask for the price but he’s serious at the same time business mentality

    Sp1 Torr3sSp1 Torr3s2 muaj më parë
  • Where is that shop at tho

    CSI_WachoCSI_Wacho2 muaj më parë
  • Yo i want my own truck and come to this shop to mode it up and loud all the cars I see is fire 🔥 no cap

    CSI_WachoCSI_Wacho2 muaj më parë
  • Habla bien, pinche friolero.

    xSZR IZM4xxSZR IZM4x2 muaj më parë
  • Check in some race ramps for trailers

    Brent DavisBrent Davis3 muaj më parë

    jose enriquezjose enriquez3 muaj më parë
  • What kind of engine does Paco have ? And drop kit ?

    nick !!!nick !!!3 muaj më parë
  • No offense but please speak English us others can't understand what you're saying be nice trucks

    Rc RacingRc Racing3 muaj më parë
  • Paco has some bad ass trucks !

    rsanchezeightyonersanchezeightyone3 muaj më parë
  • You aint giving shit away, just bait to subscribe😂😂🤦🏻

    Oscar OchoaOscar Ochoa3 muaj më parë
  • Cant wait for that ss clone. Freddy you should race Omar with ir

    Emanuel MataEmanuel Mata3 muaj më parë
  • Dammit boy

    Javier MendozaJavier Mendoza3 muaj më parë
  • I remember seeing the yellow truck long ass time ago damn he takes care of it

    D RD R3 muaj më parë
  • That’s how the cookie crumbles 😂😂 this guy is awesome!!

    Saul JoseSaul Jose3 muaj më parë
  • Watching from northeast Alabama!!

    Saul JoseSaul Jose3 muaj më parë
  • Wassup bro you hiring ?

    Hector ValdezHector Valdez3 muaj më parë
  • Wassup bro u hiring 🤔

    Hector ValdezHector Valdez3 muaj më parë
  • Puro OG mano,cayo,paco saludos para la raza de Baytown mis respetos saludos

    Oscar RegaladoOscar Regalado4 muaj më parë
  • omar could never

    lalo contreraslalo contreras4 muaj më parë
  • watching pacos ls7 was the main reason im into trucks 💯👌🏾

    Richy PerezRichy Perez4 muaj më parë
  • Paco and Flaco should set up a track race in Houston!!👍

    allanb3222allanb32224 muaj më parë
  • I wasn’t into trucks like that but you startin to pmo ngl & I fuck with you dude, your vibe is real n you’re very entertaining keep postin bro ❤️

    4kt ain’t nobody safe4kt ain’t nobody safe4 muaj më parë
  • I’m from the future you get a new project torque garage

    Breezy VlogzBreezy Vlogz4 muaj më parë
  • I want that color code from that yellow Silverado 😍

    Marc OchoaMarc Ochoa4 muaj më parë
  • Baytown tx🇲🇽

    Choppa KiloChoppa Kilo4 muaj më parë
  • Nobody at the track: Freddy:HOLYMACARRONII!!

    rqe Crqe C4 muaj më parë
  • Paco ls7 real og that gen v baddest around

    Moy La VenomMoy La Venom4 muaj më parë
  • Thats dope i saw that guy on insta few months ago. Nice trucks

    Francisco SosaFrancisco Sosa4 muaj më parë
  • Chido vídeo cacheton

    Elias GonzalezElias Gonzalez4 muaj më parë
  • Paco got the dream garage

    Aaron ChavezAaron Chavez4 muaj më parë
  • 20$ dollars bet and Gordo didn't want to pay.

    Laalow HazelLaalow Hazel4 muaj më parë
  • So like there can only be one winner for the big price which is the truck or cash what happens to the truck if the winner picks the cash??

    ElDe LaRangerElDe LaRanger4 muaj më parë
  • Nice one bro keep up the great work bro

    low boosted Accordlow boosted Accord4 muaj më parë
  • Triple petes truck is running 9’s sheeesh

    barl berratobarl berrato4 muaj më parë
  • La gente anda preguntando en que trabaja el muchaco

    Ponchin 209Ponchin 2094 muaj më parë
  • What is there Instagram @?

    Jon SanchezJon Sanchez4 muaj më parë
  • Esa kodiak ta bastarda

    Jesús PeralesJesús Perales4 muaj më parë

    Alejandro RodriguezAlejandro Rodriguez4 muaj më parë
  • What is paco channel

    Joshua MoralesJoshua Morales4 muaj më parë
  • That bad a$$ cuh

    SlipStreamMASlipStreamMA4 muaj më parë
  • It’s just paper I can wipe my nose with it 🤷‍♂️😂

    Miguel TachuelaMiguel Tachuela4 muaj më parë
  • When does it end ?

    Jose ValdezJose Valdez4 muaj më parë
  • That’s a nice gto at 25:48 👉🏽👈🏽

    Eddy LSEddy LS4 muaj më parë
  • Your laugh Freddy 😂😂😂

    Elpinche_ FernandoofficalElpinche_ Fernandooffical4 muaj më parë
  • I got the wrong merch 😔

  • El que sabe sabe

    ezequielguerrero80ezequielguerrero804 muaj më parë
  • That race car life

    Jose GomezJose Gomez4 muaj më parë
  • 15.45 pinche chillin getting thick af.

    Cesar Huerta 1915Cesar Huerta 19154 muaj më parë
  • El famous Paco! Don’t play. Good stuff man

    Daniel SierraDaniel Sierra4 muaj më parë
  • How much he want for the twin turbo

    Diego Reynoso LorenzoDiego Reynoso Lorenzo4 muaj më parë
  • That's some sick ass trucks. Take that single cab all day bumping puros chalino sanchez : Pela Vacas.🍻🤝🤠 Kill Cows Vale .

    ArturoArturo4 muaj më parë
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Cristian PinaCristian Pina4 muaj më parë
  • A narcos garage😅

    LuisssLuisss4 muaj më parë
  • I remember watching Paco’s blue LS7, I especially remember when it raced a sti.

    dale gribbledale gribble4 muaj më parë
  • Good video cuhhh I wanna see the ls7 come out to the street and destroy

    6.0 506.0 504 muaj më parë
  • Where y’all shop at

    anthony rodriguezanthony rodriguez4 muaj më parë
  • Jesus those are those some sick trucks man, especially that z71 🤮 anyone know what their Instagram page is?

    TMG RubeTMG Rube4 muaj më parë
    • ig hempresasls7

      lalolalo4 muaj më parë
  • 4:28 wtf

    No FaceNo Face4 muaj më parë
  • Oh man! I want some these trucks in video. Get a trade or a degree to make it happen! Stay in school!!

    C. CharleyC. Charley4 muaj më parë
  • Paco ls 7 the one that started the trucks scene running vettes on his billets 👀

    Luis ChavezLuis Chavez4 muaj më parë
  • Freddy should stop customizing interiors and start rag racing see what he got

    Frank VillaFrank Villa4 muaj më parë
  • I see you looking at that trans am. I have one for sale with a 6.0 swap 👀

    Manuel MezaManuel Meza4 muaj më parë
  • Alex needs to put a turbo guard on it to prevent the belt sucking into it

    RayRay4 muaj më parë
  • Sick vid!

    Refugio LopezRefugio Lopez4 muaj më parë
  • Pinche triple p “it’s just paper” phrase is from Beto leave that phrase for the ondgas channel

    Sammy GarciaSammy Garcia4 muaj më parë
    • Oracle keep it up triple p!! Just subscribe to you’re page brotha!

      Sammy GarciaSammy Garcia4 muaj më parë
    • Sammy Garcia nada de eso👍🏼 in reality that saying has been used for years I just don’t like to say it on videos people could take it in the wrong way and say I’m cocky or stuff like that but it’s cool

      Triple PTriple P4 muaj më parë
    • Be unique es todo lo que Digo player no hate no te aguites

      Sammy GarciaSammy Garcia4 muaj më parë
    • Me Iran a cobrar por usarla 🥴

      Triple PTriple P4 muaj më parë
  • Omar be like “le voy a poner turbo a mi v6 para ganarle a freddy” freddy be like “ me voy a comprar una v8 con twin turbo” semehace que al omar no se le va a ser ganarle a su cuñado 😂

    Sergio PenaSergio Pena4 muaj më parë
  • Dammit boyyy paco ls7 true og

    Cj TorresCj Torres4 muaj më parë
  • what drop does that orange giveaway chevy have?

    jason velascojason velasco4 muaj më parë
  • No trae nitrous aver como jala... 😂😂 26:19

    ALIEFTX713ALIEFTX7134 muaj më parë
  • Seems like AWD takes the track everytime

    jtorrez168jtorrez1684 muaj më parë
  • @freddylsx I will take the $15,000 when I win.

    TexasTexas4 muaj më parë
  • Calmateeeee cuhhh q no escuche el taquache de omar q he needs schooling x q ya piensa q todas las v8 slp

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez4 muaj më parë
  • Freddy been slacking bad

    Vicente DominguezVicente Dominguez4 muaj më parë
  • 15k????

    Franco GuardiolaFranco Guardiola4 muaj më parë
  • is that paco with the blue ls7 rst body kit silverado from back in the day

    Si AweboSi Awebo4 muaj më parë
  • I check everyday for a new video y nada I was like something is happening because Fred hasn't uploaded one

    Josue VasquezJosue Vasquez4 muaj më parë
  • The Mexican street outlaws crew

    Jose FajardoJose Fajardo4 muaj më parë
  • 9.30 at 154? thats cap bruh...

    amazingjakeamazingjake4 muaj më parë
  • Paco came out on street outlaws

    GForceNationGForceNation4 muaj më parë
  • Did you really buy the baby dully ???

    GForceNationGForceNation4 muaj më parë
  • Hey Paco is going to take them to school don't nobody do it better in the H I always keep going back to Paco's LS7 vs big block Vette

    D HernandezD Hernandez4 muaj më parë